• Sinead Smythe

Endometriosis & Sex

Endometriosis can have a huge affected on a women's sex life. With endometriosis causing us deep, sharp stabbing pains anyway, when having sex it can cause us even more pain to the point your in tears! (Sometimes during intercourse, and sometimes after it can be absolutely excruciating!) A few tips that could potentially help you:

Take a dose of pain relief one hour before or take some afterwards.

Use silicone-based or water based lube! You should use as much lube as possible. Remember to reapply when you feel your vagina drying out. Don’t be afraid of lube, even if you don’t think you need it. Use as much as you can.

Try different sex positions! The missionary position tends to be the most painful for some women with endometriosis because of how your uterus is tilted and the depth of penetration.

Try spooning sex, raised hips, go on top so your in full control or modified doggy style.

A lot of foreplay to get the mood going as well.

Which could relax your mind with worrying that it’s going to hurt.

Find the right rhythm - talk to whoever your having sex with about slowing down and not thrusting as deeply during intercourse. You can also switch positions so that you can control speed and limit penetration to a depth that feels best for you.

Prepare for bl33ding as I’ve heard from many women this can be an issue! Focus on positions that cause less irritation. Lay a towel down too! Maybe some near by baby wipes for an easy clean up?

NO women deserves to feel like they cannot have a normal sex life. I mean - EVERYONE is entitled to one.

In 2016 I didn't go there any man for a year - the thought made me feel physically sick, I lost all confidence in that area and had absolutely no interested whats so ever.

What people don't realise is this has a huge impact on your life, on your current or future relationships.

Women fear that their making their partners unhappy, they fear they will go and find it somewhere else!

Being able to feel good during sex is what makes us feel amazing, it's what makes us women. Imagine having that pleasure taken away from you. That affection and emotion you feel, you can no longer.

SEX plays a big part in your life.

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